The USBGuard project uses github for tracking issues and the overall development process:


USBGuard is an open-source project and anyone can contribute to it. There are many ways one can contribute to the project – source code, documentation enhancements, translations, artwork, etc. A nice summary of different ways to contribute is given in an article by Andy Lester, 14 Ways to Contribute to Open Source without Being a Programming Genius or a Rock Star.

Reporting bugs or requesting features

If you’d like to report a bug or request a feature, please use the issue tracker.

Sending patches

If you don’t have a GitHub account and therefore cannot contribute your patches by forking the repository and creating a pull request, you can still send the patch via e-mail.

The preferred way to prepare the patch is to get fresh copy of the git repository:

$ git clone

commit the change locally and use:

$ git-format-patch -1 commit-id

to export the patch. commit-id is the commit number of the checkin you want to send (use git log to see it).

In the commit message, please state:

  • What changed
  • Why it changed
  • If the change is related to a tracked issue, include a reference to it.


USBGuard is licensed under the GPLv2. By submitting a patch for inclusion in the USBGuard project, you are agreeing to license your changes under the GPLv2.

List of Contributors

The following list contains (nick)names of individuals who are actively working on the project or contributed in some way to the project:

  • amenophobis
  • Allen Webb
  • Bas van Schaik
  • Christian Stadelmann
  • Daniel Kopeček
  • Dridi Boukelmoune
  • elKaZe
  • Fabio Noris
  • Georges Winkenbach
  • Ian Beringer
  • InsanePrawn
  • James Cowgill
  • Jakub Wilk
  • Jason Taylor
  • jvymazal
  • KaZe
  • Mantas Mikulėnas
  • Marek Tamaskovic
  • michaeladler
  • Muri Nicanor
  • Pamplemousse
  • Phil
  • Philipp Deppenwiese
  • Pino Toscano
  • Radovan Sroka
  • Rebecca N. Palmer
  • rsclarke
  • RyuzakiKK
  • Stephen Kitt
  • Steve Grubb
  • Thiebaud Weksteen
  • Topi Miettinen
  • userWayneCampbell
  • zaolin
  • Zezadas

Thank you!