If you’d like to get help from the community, discuss an idea or just stay in sync with the project, you can do that using any of the communication channels described on this page.

Mailing List: usbguard@freelists.org

The best place to ask for help or to start a project related question is to send an e-mail to usbguard@freelists.org. The mailing list archive can be accessed here.

IRC: #usbguard@freenode

We have a #usbguard IRC channel on the freenode network. Join using your preferred IRC client or use the webchat client. The channel is good for real-time communication. Please be aware the main developer lives in the UTC+2 timezone and you may not get a reply outside the usual working hours in that timezone.

Disqus: https://disqus.com/home/forums/usbguardproject/

If none of the options above are good enough, there’s also a Disqus based forum. Disqus is also used to provide comment sections on the website.