New release: usbguard-0.5.14

Looks like a fast release cycle. Issue #119 was important enough to force another quick bugfix release. This should be the last release in the 0.5.x milestone. New IPC, CentOS and RHEL 7 compatibility comming in the next!



Many thanks to the following people for contributions to this release and to the USBGuard project:


If you are using Fedora or the USBGuard Copr repository, run:

$ sudo dnf update usbguard


Signed release tarball can be downloaded from the USBGuard release page at GitHub:

SHA256(usbguard-0.5.14.tar.gz)= e8f150539c4b2a7b487193a63d61074063919f8396bf844a049b77c18356e3de