New release: usbguard-0.5.13

Back from the future! While working on this release I noticed something is wrong with the dates in the changelog and in the last two blog posts. They were one month ahead. It’s always good to know that one has more time to do stuff that previously thought.

Anyway, here’s another bugfix release. It addresses issues #115 and #117.



Many thanks to the following people for contributions to this release and to the USBGuard project:


If you are using Fedora or the USBGuard Copr repository, run:

$ sudo dnf update usbguard


Signed release tarball can be downloaded from the USBGuard release page at GitHub:

SHA256(usbguard-0.5.13.tar.gz)= 9c3332b851db569b6e29996d1c5482b2be16aad216d9de2600ae95fcee1a9cf7