New release: usbguard-0.5.10

Good news everyone! A new release of USBGuard is finally available. As usual there are many bugfixes, several new features and some other changes. USBGuard has gotten a D-Bus component so the integration possibilities are endless now :D The usbguard-applet-qt subproject was merged into the main project repository. Thanks to that it will hopefully receive more love in the near future. One of the more important bugfixes delivered by this release is the rewrite of the USB descriptor parsing code which previously didn’t work correctly for many devices.

It seems that the community around the project is growing. There is an effort to package the project for Debian and so far it resulted in many improvements in the upstream code and workflows.

Major changes


Many thanks to the following people for contributions to this release and to the USBGuard project:


If you are using Fedora or the USBGuard Copr repository, run:

$ sudo dnf update usbguard


Signed release tarball can be downloaded from the USBGuard release page at GitHub:

SHA256(usbguard-0.5.10.tar.gz)= f51a302ad6222ba87ac5a2f96d033c9ba514c0d20027983798e97746d879ac28