New release: usbguard-0.3 & usbguard-applet-qt-0.3

Shortly after the usbguard-0.2 release, we have another one on the table. I didn’t plan to release it so early but the Fedora package review process (rhbz#1209971, rhbz#1209974) forced me to fix or enhance many things. I’d like to thank to Antti Järvinen, Petr Lautrbach and Ralf Corsepius for reviewing the submitted packages. Although they didn’t yet passed the review, there shouldn’t be too many blockers left and the package should be available in Fedora soon.

There are two things I’d like to point out in this release.

The manual pages need more love, but it’s much better than nothing.

Major changes


If you are using the USBGuard Copr repository, run:

$ sudo yum update usbguard usbguard-applet-qt

Additionally, if the user under which you are running usbguard-applet-qt isn’t in the wheel group, you should either add him to that group or change the ACL in /etc/usbguard/usbguard-daemon.conf in order to be able to use the applet.


Tarballs can be downloaded here: