IPC interface access control

Today I have implemented a simple form of access control to the IPC interface of the USBGuard daemon. The libqb provides a callback slot for a function that decides whether to accept the IPC connection request or not. So implementing a DAC based ACL was a quite easy task and the feature will be part of the next release, usbguard-0.3.

The ACL is enabled by setting either the IPCAllowUsers or IPCAllowGroups configuration option in the usbguard-daemon.conf file. As the names suggest, it’s possible to specify more than one user or group. Multiple items are expected to be separated by a space character. For example, setting:


would allow users who are members of the wheel group to use the USBGuard IPC interface. I have made exactly this setting the default in the default distribution configuration file which is shipped in the packages available through the Copr repository.

Implementing this feature also allowed me to finally submit a request to include USBGuard as an official Fedora package. I didn’t wanted to do that without either this ACL feature or the planned public key authentication as that would probably deter many potential users of the package – they wouldn’t like to run a program which allows anyone on the system to manipulate with USB device authorization.