New release: usbguard-0.7.5, and important projects updates!

Hello everyone!

A new release of USBGuard is available and it brings important bug fixes and new features. See the release page at Github for more information about the release.

Now the important projects updates I would like to announce:

  1. Unfortunatelly, I’ve lost access to my GPG keys (and revocation certs too) that were used to sign the release tarballs and commits. Because of that, the upcomming releases will be signed with a a different key, see my page for details and the new key. This might change once more because future releases might be created by one of multiple maintainers (see below).

  2. I’m no longer the sole maintainer of the upstream repository. Radovan Sroka from Red Hat and Thiébaud Weksteen from Google joined the forces as maintainers. Thank you both for doing so!

Regards, Daniel